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Spiral Mixer


Spiral Mixer
-Brand: JIADE(Taiwan)

Model: JSM-150(half a bag of flour)

Size (DIM): 490(W) x 850(D) x 1070(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 12.5kg            Dough Capacity: 20kg

Spiral Speed: 134~268 rpm    Bowl Speed: 12/24 rpm

Power: 1.5KW                           Voltage: Three Phase

Weight: 155kg


Model: JSM-250(bag of flour)

Size (DIM): 540(W) x 940(D) x 1260(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 25kg                 Dough Capacity: 40kg

Spiral Speed: 131~265 rpm        Bowl Speed: 21 rpm

Power: 2.65KW                           Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 250kg


Model: JSM-380(a packet and a half of flour)

Size (DIM): 610(W) x 1000(D) x 1300(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 38kg                      Dough Capacity: 60kg

Spiral Speed: 131~265 rpm             Bowl Speed: 21rpm

Power: 4.15KW                                Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 295kg


Model: JSM-500(two packets of flour)

Size (DIM): 710(W) x 1200(D) x 1370(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 50kg                        Dough Capacity: 80kg

Spiral Speed: 123~245 rpm              Bowl Speed: 20rpm

Power: 8.5KW                                    Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 710kg


Model: JSM-750(three packets of flour)

Size (DIM): 810(W) x 1250(D) x 1410(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 75kg                          Dough Capacity: 120kg

Spiral Speed: 123~245 rpm               Bowl Speed: 20rpm

Power: 10.2KW                                   Voltage: Three Phase

Weight: 460kg

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Spiral Mixer
-Brand: SINMAG

Model: SM2-25(half a bag of flour)

Size (DIM): 590(W) x 880(D) x 1100(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 12.5kg             Dough Capacity: 25kg

Spiral Speed: 140~280 rpm     Bowl Speed: 12.8~25.5 rpm

Power: 2.2KW                           Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 155kg


Model: SM2-50T(bag of flour))

Size (DIM): 640(W) x 1080(D) x 1220(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 25kg                Dough Capacity: 50kg

Spiral Speed: 135~270 rpm      Bowl Speed: 17.8 rpm

Power: 3.75KW                          Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 285kg

Model: SM2-80T(two packets of flour)

Size(DIM): 765(W) x 1280(D) x 1310(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 50kg                  Dough Capacity: 80kg

Spiral speed: 125~250rpm         Bowl Speed: 17.2rpm

Power: 5.25KW                           Voltage: Three phase

Weight: 425kg

Model: SM2-120T(three packets of flour)

Size (DIM): 830(W) x 1470(D) x 1460(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 75kg                  Dough Capacity: 120kg

Spiral Speed: 110~220 rpm        Bowl Speed: 13 rpm

Power: 9.55KW                           Voltage: Three Phase

Weight: 640kg

Model: SM2-200T(four to five packets of flour)

Size (DIM): 980(W) x 1710(D) x 1580(H)mm   

Flour Capacity: 125kg               Dough Capacity: 200kg

Spiral Speed: 98~196 rpm        Bowl Speed: 11rpm

Power: 13.5KW                          Voltage: Three Phase

Weight: 1050kg

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